An Angel but still an Infant

All in all, we have been talk about the positive and negative sides of the video games can bring to us in our today’s life. As a saying goes that “words have different means in different people.” It is hardly for us to define that video games is an “angle” or “devil”. However, I still and totally agree that the video games is a positive substance overall. Let us pay our attention back to the video game itself. It is commonly believed that the invention of video games is a landmark of human development. As a new thing, people have to spend too much time to get used and improve it. Although the video games really take some negative effect on us, but we cannot attribute all these bad consequence to the video games. The fault is made by people. Like the invention of knife, people invent knife to satisfy our daily requirement and it is really a helpful tool in our daily life. However, this useful and helpful tool would probably become a lethal weapon in other people’s hands which can easily take over people’s life. But in this case, it is impossible for us to consider the fault is made by knife because obviously this consequence is made by our hands not the knife itself. The same as video games who bring us too much fun, develop our mind, widen our horizon. I believe in the future, the video games will play a more important role in our life and make contribution inareas like education, entertainment and technology of our society.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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