An Angel but still an Infant

All in all, we have been talk about the positive and negative sides of the video games can bring to us in our today’s life. As a saying goes that “words have different means in different people.” It is hardly for us to define that video games is an “angle” or “devil”. However, I still and totally agree that the video games is a positive substance overall. Let us pay our attention back to the video game itself. It is commonly believed that the invention of video games is a landmark of human development. As a new thing, people have to spend too much time to get used and improve it. Although the video games really take some negative effect on us, but we cannot attribute all these bad consequence to the video games. The fault is made by people. Like the invention of knife, people invent knife to satisfy our daily requirement and it is really a helpful tool in our daily life. However, this useful and helpful tool would probably become a lethal weapon in other people’s hands which can easily take over people’s life. But in this case, it is impossible for us to consider the fault is made by knife because obviously this consequence is made by our hands not the knife itself. The same as video games who bring us too much fun, develop our mind, widen our horizon. I believe in the future, the video games will play a more important role in our life and make contribution inareas like education, entertainment and technology of our society.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Related Video: The Columbine High School massacre

The Columbine High School massacre happened in 1999 which finally lead to 15 people dead and 27 people injured and two murderers choose suicide after this massacre. This event is one of the most serious shooting in American history which bring a drastic and profound effect to American society like the education for the “edge student” and the control of weapon. Here is a video about the whole event.

Accelerator or Barrier? The impact of video games on our society

Like what I mentioned before, the video games addiction has gradually become a social issue which destroy too many normal families. Many children cannot control them self and choose to play the video games all the day in their rooms instead of attending class. Therefore, many children lose the chance to accept education and become useless for the family and society. (Grohol) In China, a bunch of people even invent an extreme and merciless solution to cure these children who are crazy and addicted to video games which we called “electroshock therapy”. “A professor named Yongxin Yang claim that use this kind of therapy could treat the children who have the video games addiction. Yang created a center and dedicated to use this kind of therapy to cure people. Actually, these solution is much more like a penalty which will bring huge pain to these children. “This therapy is like push me to the hell, I cannot tolerate it anymore!” A boy who is asked by his parents forcedly to accept this therapy told us with tears. (Netease) All these dispute engaged by the video games are all affect the success of building appropriate educational mode for our next generation in various sorts of cases. Some folks complain that the whole society waste too much time and energy on the video games without any benefits.37891247588732089

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However, I still insist that the video games can be a kind of power which can push the society forward and revolution. Firstly, today the video games is a huge industry which even become a crucial part of a national culture. Today, in America, the revenue of game can approach to 30 billion dollars per year. Many companies like Billiard, Nintendo and EA gradually become the world-famous company with huge influence and appealing. The “E3” which Electronic Entertainment Expo which held every year is also be a global pageant which attract the video gamers from all over the world and come to a same place. (Lewis)I think this is a perfect chance to communicate and celebrate the culture. People come here together because the games but not only for the games. I still remember when I play the “World of Warcraft” online with the “wowers” from every corner of the world, our attention is not only the game itself but also how to make friends and work as a team with the people you never meet before. I still remember the Sichuan earthquake in 2008, thousands of people killed in this disaster including many “wowers”. “Many of our brothers who have fight together before online would never log online again. Therefor many wowers use their own way to help the people in Sichuan like donation and searching the lost people through the stage of World of Warcraft.” (Netease) On the other hand, people are trying to create the video games which can educate the student in some case. Recently, a game named “Government in action”, a 3D multiplayer game has been released which designed for the college freshman American government course. In this game, player can act the president or senator to take the political duty of America. I think this game is a good example because it indicate that the initial boring knowledge in the book now can be experienced in a game with more interesting and knowledge. This change would probably become a revolution of education in the future. (Gaudiosi)


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Teacher or bastard? The individual effect of playing video games.


First of all, let’s talk about the effect of playing video games on individuals, including effects on eyesight and tendency towards violence. Personal speaking, I think I have the voice right of this question because I am a totally crazy fan of video games that you can find every single mainstream game in my room. I remember my mother is always oppose me to spend too much time on playing video games because she consider that will damage my eyesight hardly. Frankly, there is a large number youngsters who are suffering from the poor eyesight. In fact, “there is almost 40% youngsters in China have the eye’s problem and the rate of shortsighted of college students is as high as 90%.” (Wang)What a horrible statistic! Even though we should admit the academic pressure probably push the youngsters to read more book which will pose extra burden on their eyes, we still cannot ignore the video game make such “contribution” to this consequence in their spare time. Why? Because “The closer objects are, the harder the eyes have to work to see them. It is as simple as that. When our eyes are asked to focus on close objects for extended periods of time, there will be much more possibility for our eyesight to be damaged.” (LoBocchiaro) In addition, some unhealthy video games including the content about murder and violence may pose some negative effect on youngsters’ mind even guiding them toward the track of crime. For instance, there was a famous shooting event happened in American history: the “The Columbine High School massacre” happened in 1999 which finally lead to 15 people dead and 27 people injured and two murderers choose suicide after this massacre. This event is one of the most serious shooting in American history which bring a drastic and profound effect to American society like the education for the “edge student” and the control of weapon. Stunningly, these two murderer are all youngsters in the school who are crazy about gothic culture and some bloody game like “Doom” and “Wolfenstein 3D”. Some scientists such as “Christopher Barlett, a psychologist at Iowa State University, did a series experiments to prove the relationship between violent games and human action. He led a group of 47 undergraduates play “Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance” for 15 minutes. Then compared with another team who play the nonviolent games and the conclusion indicated that the people who play the “Mortal Kombat” engage more aggressive like eating more spicy sauce than regular.” (Carey) Therefore, the bloody game would probably a key elements which twisted these two boys and induce them to engage the “Columbine” tragedy.

Thus, because of these dangers to eyesight and violent tendencies, many people argue that video games are bad for kids. However, after what I have been discussed above, is that means the video games are totally poisons whose only function is to ruin people? I hardly think so.

Anyway, I think playing video games still have many positive effect on our body and mind, such as improved attention and logic. From my personal experience, I played a large number of video games which are much more than the peer during my high school. Even though playing these games occupying too much time for me, but I really cultivate the ability of logic and individual thinking. Actually, people always have to use their intelligence to solve problems by themselves durig a game like focusing attention and find the details under the surface. What’s more, a famous scientist on researching human brain named Daphne Bavelier gave us some authoritative explanation through a series experiments find that playing video games would develop people’s ability of distinguishing objects. The content of this experiment is let the people playing the video games for a long time and compared their reaction with the people who don’t play video games when they facing the different problems. Daphne also did an interesting game with the audiences who listen to his address. She displayed too many moving dots and changed the color of some dots on the screen. Then Daphne asked the audience to distinguish which of those dots changed their colors. The consequence is the person who is a video gamer use the least time to finish that task which prove her conclusion again. Daphne called

Adults_only_largethis kind of ability as multi-media tracking. (Bavelier) Therefore, I consider playing video games have many positive effect on us.


Violent Video Games Desensitize Brain to Violence, Increase Aggressiveness May 26, 2011

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The Rise of Video games

Nowadays, playing video games have gradually become one of the most popular ways of entertainment with the development of technology. We can easily find the XBOX or PS3 consoles in every single family. In fact, playing video games is not only the duty for the youth any more, it is also gradually accepted by the adults even the elders. However, the criticisms and questions have never been stop since the day when video games widely popular among the people. Many folks consider that playing video games will take us too many negative effects on body and mind at the same time. Moreover, the addiction of video games even become a social issue like obesity and drug abuse which attract a growing number of attention from the society. This blog is going to talk about the video games from positive side and negative side.

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